A Great Way to Browse Hacker News on Your Phone

View stories in a newspaper-style format, with preview pictures and story descriptions chosen by users

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Context Matters

Browsing stories is faster and more enjoyable when you have more story context, such as a preview picture and short description

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Users Choose the Preview Picture and Description

We display the the most-voted preview picture and description for each story. Don't like the picture or description? Suggest another one to help us improve!

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Card View or List View

Switch between a simple list view for quick browsing, or a card view for more focus on each story.

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Remember Stories You've Seen

The app remembers what stories you've seen, so you don't waste time reading the same story titles again and again.

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Our Team

This is a showcase project developed by the staff and students of the McLaren College Flutter course. If you're looking to hire a great junior full-stack developer, please get in touch!

Mark McLaren

Senior Developer

Sydney, Australia

Kapil Jhajhria

Junior Developer

Haryana, India

Abhishek Shrivastava

Junior Developer

Uttarakhand, India

Ashish Taduce

Junior Developer

Madhya Pradesh, India

Rahul Masih

Junior Developer

Punjab, India

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